Hey y’all, I’m Jen!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you found something to explore here in DFW!

I love this area, and I’m always amazed at the amount and diversity in the things to do around here.

After growing up in a small town with limited options, this just blew my mind. Going through things like the Observer and Guidelive in the papers, I started making notes in my day planner of cool things that were coming up. That way, if I had a free afternoon or needed ideas for an outing with my kiddo, the research was already done.

One day I looked at my planner and saw dozens of notes for several weekends, and thought to myself “I should really share this, I can’t go to all of it but other people may want to.”  So that day I posted on the /r/Dallas community on Reddit with a list of things coming up for the following week.  The feedback was awesome!  The /r/Dallas sub has been amazing, and based on their enthusiasm and feedback I started posting every week.  It’s been over a year now, and the community has been so supportive and wonderful.

I wanted to grow this, and some opportunities showed up over the year, the most recent being the option to have a short segment weekly on The Midday show on ON AIR Live, a Dallas based radio program.  This website is to help those people who aren’t Redditors find the same resources and assistance as the community I’ve been helping so far.

I love doing this, and I hope you are able to use this information to discover things about DFW that you love, too. Welcome, and have fun!